Catering Platters and Events


Yume has a selection of delicious platters available to suit a variety of sizes and tastes.

These platters are perfect for the home party, corporate event or birthday celebration. You can choose from our wide selection, or design your own delicious platters to suit your needs.

If you want to indulge your friends, family, staff or colleagues Yume also offer the complete sushi experience - have a qualified Yume chief at your event to create a delicious fresh meal!

Dream Platter

2-3 PEOPLE $49

Inside-out roll_15pcs, nigiri sushi_8pcs, ship sushi_6pcs & baby roll_6pcs

Kids Platter

3-4 CHILDREN $34

Choices of baby rolls_36pcs, fried yummy chicken_10pcs & crumbed prawn_5pcs w/cabbage salad

Vegetable Platter

2-3 PEOPLE $55

Inside-out roll_10pcs, inari sushi_12pcs, ship sushi_4pcs & baby roll_12pcs

Brown Rice Platter

3-4 people $44

Inside-out roll_20pcs, special roll_10pcs & baby roll_12pcs

Salmon Lovers Platter

2-4 people $55

Salmon sushi_6pcs, salmon aburi_6pcs, salmon roll_10pcs, ship sushi_3pcs & baby roll_12pcs

Yume Platter

3-4 people $48

Inside-out roll_15pcs, nigiri sushi_5pcs, sashimi_7pcs & baby roll_6pcs

Picnic Platter

4-5 people $74

Super prawn roll_10pcs, beef tataki, bread crumbed prawn_4pcs, kara-age chicken_5pcs, pumpkin croquette_4pcs, tacoyaki_6pcs, spring roll_4pcs, chicken yakitori_2pcs & edamame

Monger Platter

3-4 people $54

Nigiri sushi_12pcs, sashimi_15pcs & special roll_10pcs

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To order:

Please email your requirements and details to the above email address for catering platters.

Drummoyne / North Strathfield

Please call your local Yume sushi requirements and details to the below numbers for catering platters.
DRUMMOYNE- (02) 9181 5775
NORTH STRATHFIELD – (02) 9743 0203